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Polo shirt vs golf shirt | ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW

But, seriously, this isn’t a joke. Polo shirts, like the majority of shirts, have a pocket on the right side. Golf shirts, on the other hand, have a pocket on the left chest.

Your cigarettes do not interfere with the swing of the mallet when you are wearing a Polo Shirt. When wearing golf shirts, the cigarettes do not hit the arm during the swing.

And you thought it was just a pointless fashion statement.

Listed below are 15 distinctions between a golf shirt and a polo shirt.
Many individuals are perplexed as to what the difference is between a golf shirt and a polo shirt, and this is understandable. Here are 15 significant distinctions between the two.

21 differences Polo shirt vs golf shirt

Polo Shirt Vs Golf shirt appearance Polo Shirt Vs Golf shirt functionality
The polo shirt is a garment that is made out of knit cloth. It is constructed in a smooth manner. This design removes the need for seaming and buttons, which makes it more comfortable to wear.
The polo shirt was initially used as an undershirt for tennis and polo players. The garment was initially invented by John L. Biggins of Detroit, Michigan in 1898 as an alternative to a cotton dress shirt that necessitated the use of a stiff collar and tie.
The golf shirt is made up of woven cloth, therefore it requires seaming and buttons in order to preserve its shape. It also typically has longer sleeves than the polo shirt, with a placket at the top that may be fastened with buttons or snaps instead of folding over like on the polo shirt’s collar.
Polo shirts and Golf shirts are similar in their features but there are some important variations between them. For example, you can wear a polo shirt as a golf shirt but not vice versa.
Polo shirts are usually tailored for the game of polo, which is played while riding a horse. Polo players would wear loose-fitting clothing to allow them to move more freely and keep cool when it was hot outside. Polo shirts are often constructed of cotton or polyester for better movement and breathability on the field. They feature short sleeves and no neck, so they may be worn buttoned up or unbuttoned for a more casual style.
Golf shirts, on the other hand, have been around considerably longer than polo shirts because the game has been there since the 1700s.
  • In comparison to the sleeves of a polo shirt, golf shirt sleeves are slightly longer in length.
  • Polo shirts often do not have collars, although golf shirts frequently have.
  • A golf shirt has buttons on the front, but a polo shirt does not have any buttons on the front.
  • Polo shirts only have one pocket on one side, but golf shirts feature two pockets on both sides of the shirt.
  • Polo shirts are frequently considered more informal in look than golf shirts, owing to the absence of a collar and buttons at the front of the shirt.
  • Polo shirts and golf shirts can both be somewhat shorter in length than one another, however this is not necessarily the case for every type of both articles of clothing.
  • A polo shirt is more formal than a golf shirt in terms of dress.
  • Polo shirts are often composed of cotton, linen, or a combination of these fibers, while some are made of synthetic materials. Golf shirts are often composed of a combination of polyester and cotton.
  • Unlike golf shirts, which have a shorter and broader collar, polo shirts feature a longer and narrower collar.
  • Bottom buttons are seen on the bottom of polo shirts; however, bottom buttons are absent from golf shirts. The collar of a polo shirt is also fastened from top to bottom with buttons, whereas the collar of a golf shirt is left open at the back with a snap closure. With your polo shirt, you can wrap it around your waist to make it appear like an enormous shawl, but with your golf shirt, you will not be able to achieve this effect.
  • Polo shirts are normally short sleeved, but golf shirts are often long sleeve.
  • When it comes to golfing, a golf shirt is often constructed of fabrics that allow for a lot of movement, whereas a polo shirt is more form fitting.
  • Most golf shirts are crafted from heavier and denser fabrics that allow for more range of motion, such as cotton, linen, or wool, to provide maximum comfort. These fabrics are thicker and rougher in texture than those utilized in the production of a polo shirt. This increases the durability of the golf shirts and makes them more appropriate for use in a variety of weather situations. The golfers’ shirts also feature longer sleeves to give additional protection from the sun and comfort when swinging the golf club.
  • Polos are made of lighter fabrics such as cotton or polyester, which make them more comfortable to wear in hot weather and allow them to be washed and dried without shrinking or losing their form, as is the case with certain other textiles. These lighter materials, on the other hand, may wear out more quickly than those employed in heavier objects.
  • Because of their longer tails, golf shirts are considered to be more formal than polo shirts in most situations. In addition, they feature more complex collars for style purposes. Golf shirts are often composed of tougher fibers and are heavier in weight than other types of shirts.
Golf ShirtFor the sake of staying cool on the golf course, many golfers are opting for a lighter and more breathable golf shirt these days.
This type of golf shirt allows golfers to keep their bodies cooler while still maintaining their performance levels.
There are many various types of breathable golf shirts available, each of which offers a unique set of benefits such as moisture management and ultraviolet protection. The airflow provided by these sorts of shirts helps to keep your body cool while you are playing.
Polo ShirtPolo shirts have been in existence for more than a century. They were initially constructed of cotton piqué, but today there are a plethora of materials to pick from, depending on the season and your own style taste.
For someone who wishes to seem professional without dressed in something too formal, a polo shirt is an ideal option. It’ll look great worn under a suit jacket or blazer, and it’ll also look great worn under other more formal apparel like dress shirts and ties.

There is no huge difference between golf shirts and polo shirts, while they are similar, but there are some essential differences between the two, namely:

Polo Shirts – Polo shirts are constructed of 100 percent polyester or mixtures of cotton and poly. They are appropriate for indoor garments. Polo has a collar and cuffs somewhat piped, with the collar and no chest pocket. Discover the newest assortment of men’s t-shirts and polo’s from Spier & Mackay. Revive your wardrobe with customised t-shirts for all occasions.

Polo shirts are available in different sizes, styles and colors.

Golf shirts – Golf shirts are normally comprised of 50 percent cotton and 50 percent polyester or 100 percent polyester. They allow to drain sweat from the skin and to enter the outer layer of the jersey.

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