The Kid Golfer

Parents, Kids and Juniors Enjoying Golf

My name is John O’Connell, a long time golfer, a parent and owner of The Kid Golfer that  provides information, tips and advice to help parents ensure their kids enjoy golf.


I’ve played golf socially and competitively for decades and have fond memories of learning from my Dad who took my brothers and I out on golf courses when we were just kids. Some days we played a good shot or made a long putt, but most of all we spent time together, talking, walking, playing golf and having fun.


I’ve been a member of many different golf clubs, played in many club competitions and represented my club playing in inter-club competitions. My lowest handicap was 9, many years ago when I played a lot of golf. Today, I play off a 15 handicap. I’ve yet to get a hole-in-one, the closest I came was within an inch of the hole on a public golf course in Austin, TX.


Golf aside, another passion of mine over the years has been supporting the development of young people from toddlers and through the teenage years. I was a scout leader for nearly 10 years, a youth mentor, a referee for youth sports and I am Dad to two older boys. I also taught parenting classes which had more to do with helping parents manage their own expectations than about controlling their children. From these experiences, I learned a few things about myself and I learned better ways to engage young people, all of which influence the information I provide here for parents.


Playing golf can help kids develop physically, mentally and socially. It’s also a great way for a family to spend time together in the outdoors. Golf can be enjoyed as a social game or played competitively. There are many ways for kids to play golf, it just depends on how much they enjoy it and how often they play.


Whether it’s for family time, kids playing socially or playing more competitively, The Kid Golfer provides information to help parents support their kids playing golf. The most important thing is that kids enjoy playing golf.