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Ping awt 2.0

Many brand new OEM shafts can now be bought for very low prices from us. They’re brand new professionally removed golf shafts at very good prices. It’ll be a bit more complicated. Graphite and steel shafts are also available. It has been professionally disposed of from the new golfers tees and steel shafts. Displays the set list of products. Find the cheapest iron golf shaft at the best prices here. Get in touch!

The AWT 2.0 shaft may be found in the new G Irons. As you go from long to short irons, PING’s revolutionary Ascending Weight Technology shafts become heavier. Long-iron shafts with lighter weights assist level the clubface, increasing clubhead speed for more distance and accuracy. Shafts for short irons and wedges are heavier for better trajectory control and feel.

What is a Ping AWT 2.0 Shaft?

Game. Meet AWT 2.0 shafts, offered on the newest G iron. It has specialized weight-lowering acing shafts to help increase the weight of the shaft. Longer lighter shaft increases clubhead speed by increasing directional distance and accuracy.

What is Ping AWT shaft?

This AWT is a light shaft intended for moderate high flight. PX is quite another beast that I wouldn’t want. I was wary that this PX was built with an idea of crashing into a dead-end. The closest shaft to an AWT is an TT Dynalite SL.

What is the weight of Ping AWT shaft?

Ping irons – customized shaft configurations.

What is the weight of the AWT 2.0 Shaft?

Thank you for requesting the club. They weigh 16g.

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