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The 7 Best Teenage Golf Sets for all Sizes and Abilities

To choose the best golf set for your teenager, you need to consider their size, strength, skill level and your budget.


First I explain what to look for when buying golf clubs for your teenager and I profile my top picks. If you want to go straight to one of my top picks, click a link in the table below.

Tour Edge Golf Varsity Bazooka 370 Teen Set

Wilson Profile SGI Teen Golf Set

Callaway Golf XT Teenage Golf Set

Aspire XD1 Teenager Golf Set

Callaway Strata Women’s Golf Set

Tour Edge HL-J Complete Junior Golf Set

Wilson Teen Profile XD Complete Golf Set

What to look for when buying golf clubs for your teenager

Similar to buying shoes and even clothing for teenagers, you have to find golf clubs that fit their growing bodies and complement their current age and abilities. This balancing act of growth, ability, and strength can often be challenging when shopping for golf clubs for teenagers.


The standard set of men’s golf clubs is made for males, approximately 5’8” to 6’0”. If your teenager is tall and already in this height range, go straight for the adult sets; you will save some money as they may be able to use the clubs for a long time.


Compared to adults or juniors, there are fewer options available for teenagers who typically fall in the 5’1”-5”8’ height range.  It’s definitely worth hunting them down so your teenager finds clubs that fit them well. I review the best golf sets for teenagers to make it easy for you to find the most appropriate set for your teenager. 


If your teenager is between 4’4”-5’1” tall, look for a set of junior golf clubs that are offered for kids aged 9-12 years.

Strength and Shaft Flex

As an avid teenage golfer, I had already developed a good amount of swing speed. Therefore, the shaft flex in the junior clubs was not strong enough (junior flex shafts), but at the same time, a stiff shaft meant for stronger adults was too much. This left me somewhere in the middle.


Shaft flex can be tricky for teenage golfers, which is why a lot of what you see used in teenage sets is a graphite regular flex shaft.


The graphite regular flex allows slower speeds the ability to hit straighter and higher-lofted shots. When your teenager gains some speed, you have room to switch the shafts to steel or increase the overall stiffness.


Swing speed comes into play here quite a bit. Any teenage golfer with more than 100 mph swing speed (with the driver) will need stiff shafts. Teenagers in the 80-100 range should go with graphite, and those below the 80 range can use senior flex shafts.

Skill Level

Many teenage golf club sets are built for new players. They are sold as a package and come with everything from the driver to the putter. Below I review 7 of these complete teenage golf club sets which are perfect for higher handicappers or recreational golfers.


However, if your teen player is serious about golf, has some real athletic ability, and wants to make progress, investing in a custom complete set is the best way to go. A professional club fitter can determine your child’s growth rate and current playing ability to ensure correct club length, weight, and shaft flex. These clubs are a larger investment but worth it for the teenager who loves the game and wants to play competitively.

7 of the best golf sets for Teenagers

Teenager Height  61″-66″
# of clubs              11
Graphite Shaft      D, 3W, 4H
Steel Shaft            5,6,7,8,9,PW,SW
Putter Head          Mallet

Tour Edge flies under the radar when it comes to their quality, but I can tell you this is an impressive company. I’ve been testing and recommending Tour Edge clubs for years, and I never hesitate, especially for teens and seniors.


The Tour Edge Varsity Bazooka set comes with the perfect mix of clubs for teens and even includes the sand wedge that other sets leave out. In addition, the golf bag is plenty light enough to play a round of golf and carry the bag.


However, I think the biggest benefit your teen will find with the Tour Edge Varsity Bazooka is the feel. For a teen set (where options can sometimes be limited), the feel here is one of the best you can find. When you hit a good shot, you are rewarded.


Tour Edge also manages to keep the price fair. If you purchased each of these clubs individually, you would spend a lot more.

The Wilson Profile SGI Teen set is my favorite for the teenage beginner player. Even though this set is more complete than others on the market, it’s good value for money and has great technology to keep a new teen golfer motivated.


The Wilson Profile SGI Teen features irons that have a very low center of gravity, making it easy to get the golf ball up in the air.


With a driver typically becoming one of the favorite golf clubs in the bag for teenage golfers, the 460cc Super Game Improvement Wilson driver is a club that helps maximize power without decreasing forgiveness.


If you want quality at a fair price and a golf set that makes it a bit easier to start the game of golf, this is it. As your teenager grows, they can transition directly into the adult Wilson set.


If you have a teenage golfer who is getting serious about golf, the Callaway Golf XT is a perfect option. Although the teen set does not feature the same technology you see in the newest Paradym line from Callaway, the Callaway Golf XT does have impressive materials designed for distance, forgiveness, and feel.


The Callaway Golf XT driver has tremendous ball speed capabilities. Additionally, these clubs have just enough forgiveness built in that you won’t have to worry about frustration and discouragement from your teen.


With nine clubs to work with, a nice stand bag, and a mallet putter that will improve putting skills considerably, especially alignment, the Callaway Golf XT set really stands out above others.


There is no question that the Callaway Golf XT is a little more expensive than other teenager golf sets. I would only invest here if your teen is serious about the game.

Not all teenagers are sold on the idea of becoming a golfer. That’s exactly where the Aspire XD1 Teenage Set comes in.


As a junior golfer, I didn’t have great clubs; I had these beginner lightweight type golf clubs that got me by for a while. Later on I ended up becoming a golf professional.


Don’t feel bad about going for a golf set that is a fair price to get your kid started. The Aspire XD1 Teenage set comes with a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, 7-PW, putter, and stand bag.


The only problem is that a sand wedge is not included. You can add a sand wedge in at some point if it seems your teenager is interested in golf.


The Aspire XD1 set is lightweight, so I wouldn’t use this set if your teen is also the captain of the weightlifting team at school. However, for a teen who wants to try out for the golf team without breaking the bank, the Aspire XD1 Teenage Set would be one of my top choices.


When it’s time to upgrade, pass these along to the younger siblings!

The Callaway Strata Set is the best set for teenage girls. Luckily, the Callaway Strata comes in a few different configurations, making it easy to match the set to the interest level of the teen golfer.


My mom has the Callaway Strata set, and I’ve played with it a little bit. I’m impressed with how forgiving the irons are and how easy it is to launch the driver. The Strata golf bag is very lightweight too. When put on a golf pushcart, you can barely even feel it.


If you have the budget for it, I would choose the 11 club set as it comes with two hybrids. The hybrids are great out of the rough and make a big difference for a beginner to intermediate player looking to improve.


The only real negative here is that these are built for women, not specifically teens. Therefore, if your teen is a little shorter, you may have a hard time finding a Strata set to fit them.

For teens who are just starting to move out of the junior golf clubs but need the transition before the full teenage set, the Tour Edge HLJ is the perfect solution. Tour Edge makes this entire line of junior golf clubs that range in length with options for kids as young as 3 years old.


As the child ages, the number of clubs in the set increases. This young teen set is probably going to fit the 11-14-year-old best. It comes with a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, 3 irons, putter, bag, and headcovers.


All of the clubs are forgiving and high-launching. They feature a wider sole and a low center of gravity. If you think your child may be serious about golf I would move more towards the Callaway XD junior line; the HLJ is designed more for beginners to average teens.

The Wilson Profile XD Complete is a great choice for teen golfers who are close to needing adult clubs. The Wilson Profile XD Complete is designed for easier launch, better distance, and improved shot-making.


Having hit these, I noticed that the overall distance was quite strong. The perimeter weighted 431 stainless steel irons let you get just as much distance as a premium Wilson iron.


The sand wedge included with the Wilson Profile XD Complete is called the Easy Launch, and it does make shots out of the sand considerably easier. The wedge launches high, stops quickly, has consistent performance, and can really help with scoring.


The only thing I don’t love here is the putter. It’s a pretty basic blade but has just a little more of a clicky feel coming off the face. If your teen is in this set for a while, you may want to look at upgrading the putter.

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