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Matrix Ozik Shaft Review

The Matrix OZIK shaft has only been on the market for a short time, but it has already earned a great deal of goodwill among golfers because the PGA Tour has started to use it in large amounts. . . and the statistics back them up.

In fact, more PGA tour players hail from Matrix than any other shaft maker. And three of the top ten golfers are equipped with Matrix shafts. I underlined those two statements because it took me by surprise… incredible. It’s hard to believe that this statistic belongs to a company called Fujikura or Aldila. Nope.

Matrix Shafts, located in Anaheim’s Canyon Center for Advanced Technology, was founded in 1993 with the objective of making world-class golf shafts for both tour and weekend players. Matrix is unique in the shaft industry because of its constant focus on performance improvements, quality control, and a desire to apply cutting-edge technologies regardless of cost.

Matrix’s dedication to cutting-edge design theory, meticulous craftsmanship, and creative aesthetics has positioned the firm to take bold steps ahead. Daniel You, the company’s Chief Designer, is recognized for his creative ideas and a sensitive ear for listening to players in order to improve his items.

On the Matrix OZIK, I have to give two big thumbs up. The fact that three out of ten PGA tour players use the shaft tells me it’s real. This is a shaft that you should seriously consider if you want to improve your game by increasing your flight and reducing spin.

Deformation of Energy Analysis, Gradient Energy Flow Design, and Angular Velocity Fulcrum butt design are the three key components of a golf club’s technology. They formed the OZIK as it is today: a strong shaft designed for today’s high MOI drivers.

The Deformation of Energy Analysis technique for measuring a shaft’s relationship to performance. The technology is immersed in physics, with Power = Torque times Angular Velocity as the formula…the rate at which mass spins on an axis. The thesis of the Matrix is that most shafts are deformed and lost as a consequence of their creation.

LA Golf Shafts has taken control of the Matrix Shafts inventory, assets, and patents after acquiring them from the now-defunct company in March. … Now Dicken’s newest project (LA Golf Brands) is attempting to duplicate his successful model in the golf industry. Companies frequently talk about finding athletes that represent their brand.

The Torque and Launch specifications are very limited. However, this is by design. For a reason, Matrix has chosen to use the Higher Launch Lower Torque shaft. This is a shaft that I would highly suggest you consider if you want to raise your game significantly.

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