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Ping i210 Replacement | The Best Option

A larger i59 would be preferable, as it would have a narrower face and less loft for distance and is a reasonable Ping i210 replacement.

Looking forward to the release of the new i210’s? If they don’t meet expectations, I think the Ping Glide 4.0 wedges would look great with the incoming Cobra Forged Tec irons in 2022.

However, I believe that the i59 is the new iBlade. Gotta say, the i59s are quite forgiving considering their size. Get the power specs and you’ve got yourself a distance iron from Ping. To begin, I have mine set at one degree.

I. Our Review: Ping i210 Replacement

A narrower face and less loft for distance on a larger i59 would be ideal.
However, I think the i59 is the new iBlade. The i59s, for all their girth, are surprisingly forgiving. Get the power parameters, and you’ve got your distance iron. Ping did a great job. To begin, my strength is set at one degree.
It would be good if the i230 and glide 4.0 wedges worked together as well as they did in the previous model. With the improved groove design, it should have slightly higher MOI than the i59 and a somewhat springier face (sitting right between the i59 and the i525), allowing it to comfortably fit between the i59 and the i525.The i210 from Ping is a high-performing iron with excellent forgiving characteristics. Regardless of how much you miss the sweet spot, it will still help you hit greens in regulation despite its surprising accuracy. The i210 is also a reliable iron, thanks to its forgiving design.

The iron industry must successfully navigate a changing environment with precision while maintaining the highest possible productivity. The i210 can traverse such a technologically balanced beam better than Simon Biles.


Featuressteel faces
amazing feel
better ball speed
more forgiving
have elastomer inserts
tight grooves
lead with tough turf 
Qualitymore advanced ironsinferior

Its compact shape makes it ideal for the more experienced golfer. I personally believe that feelings are paramount. Ping engineers have created a more flexible, more elastomer insert inserted in the back cavity. It provided two advantages: a larger cavity added extra weight to the face and increased the face support.


Forgivenessmore forgivingless forgiving
Handicapnot for mid to low handicappersfor mid to low handicappers
Designmuscle back designcavity back design


PING I59Looks great
Forged construction
Clean feel
Amazing design
Limited offset
Long irons
For professionals
Short blades
PING i210More distance
More forgiveness
Sleek feel
For short-game performance
Good in the rough
Less accurate
Lesser reviews
Lesser consistency
Hard to control launch

01. Choose your options: Ping i210 replacement

Ping has now required an identification code to make replacement ironing parts compatible with your old ironing machine. A smaller, smoother elastomer in the compact head is activated for unparalleled touch, and a machined face and groove help ensure consistent impact and the precision needed when scoring.

High-performance long irons with dependable long irons and precise control mids and shorts create the excellent performance.

02. Features

Buttery feeling: The activated elastomer insert has increased size by 50% soft, giving 25% more contact with the skin and delivering an envelope of energy.

03. Ping i210 Replacement

Definitely a good club. I purchased a small 7is for the test. Morton Golf offers your favorite Golf clubs and equipment online.

04. Ping i210 irons review: How they compare

For example we had Ping’s TG tests pro Kevin Hale hit i210s as they fit the i500 and upcoming i200 (all fall into the better player category).

05. Product information

Prices: £126. Steels £36. Graphics – Availability: 3- – UW 7 irons. loft: 34 deg. Stock shafts: Ping.

06. I210 Grips

Ping offers various grip sizes and styles depending on the hand size and texture preferences. It is common practice to use grip sizes in ball flight to affect ball flight. Colorcoded PING grips are available in six different sizes and are also customized to fit your demands.

When neutral grip color code is determined on hand measurement, golfers may consider small rounded grips to control fading and sliced, or large diameter grips to control draw and hooks.

07. I210 Shafts

Ping provides several shaft flexes for steel or graphite. Select a shaft length that fits your swing to give you maximum distance and accuracy on your shots. Players using faster swing speeds require more stiff shafts that keep ball trajectory low, while those playing with slower swing speed will require more-flexible shafts for higher trajectory ball movements.

Steel or graphite shafts generally depend on preference in terms of weight and/or feel.

Gear fans who get their golf news from the internet will know Ping’s new i210 and i500 irons have been the worst-kept secret of the year

08. What you need to know about the i210

It’s really about 50% softer, which enhances feelings and feedback. The i210 has been redesigned by Ping for better angles and smoother lines with fewer edges, resulting in fewer wrinkles and more.

Expect forgiving curves on long irons and muscle back style on the scoring clubs. CNC machining cavity: The cavity on i210 doesn’t merely have faces and holes drilled – the cavity does. It allows very precise control of face thickness to ensure extremely stable and consistent shots.

09. Performance

No illusion. the i210 is similar to the 500, but the two are light years different in terms of distance and ball velocity, and they should be.

Nonetheless, forgiveness is acceptable. Playability is fairly high between the i210 and the i500, according to Ping. Our experts say the 210 will make for an amazing trip bag. Tyrrell Hatton had already set and Lee Westwood was likely to join him, but a lot of elite i210s will have a whole set played, you could easily only notice an odd i500 long iron.

10. Inside the i210s

Many golfers think longer iron distance is excellent. There are others who believe in this idea and are not interested in it. Some people are just interested in sticking with the truth and need better distance control and more accurate irons for better scores.

The new Ping 200 i200 has become wildly popular among decent players as well as tourers. Ping plays iron in many shows. I210 should be considered a more upgradeable product than a revolution like the i500.

11. The numbers

It is clear that the current i200 and new i210 are identical. Our test team removed the shots from our records that the tester didn’t like but on a later day they could quickly switch the numbers. It said we would not be getting big gains trading on i210s unless you already own them. We estimate golfers are less likely to purchase 210s from just data so we think the quality of our testers is quite significant.

12. Looks good

Sitting on the new I210 alongside a new 200 is not noticeable. It was an important decision for Ping not reinventing itself; he knows this has proved successful and he’ll choose updates and improvements to the current system. I200 is always an attractive iron and its refinement only adds to its attractive appeal.

Verdict: Ping i210 Replacement

The i210 is a very good game iron. The test pro has actually switched his iBlade into a new one. Their abilities in matching a well-designed look to decent playability were the reasons behind using them. Unlike muscleback blades which favour some top players on tour, the i210 is a perfect option for the seasoned golf enthusiast looking for a dependable iron that will be in their bag for years.


Are i210 irons forgiving?

The i212 follows Ping’s pattern with the Irons from the I series over the last decade that provides greater forgiveness in a less expensive package. Compared to other i500 Irons, they are designed for high-speed distances.

Is the ping i210 A players iron?

Verdict: Ping i210 iron Unlike muscleback blades preferred by most of the best golfers, the i210 has also proven to be the best choice for the best club golfers looking for an excellent iron to hold in their bag.

Is Ping coming out with new irons in 2022?

PING has announced the new i60 Iron, which has been released in the I model. The i59 is the newest forged iron from PING and is the latest release.

Is Ping i210 discontinued?

Ping – I220 canceled today – GolfWRX.

Which is more forgiving i210 or i500?

The Ping i210 is also being debuted with the i500. Ping’s I series irons have set the standard for forgiveness and consistency in a compact package for decades, and the i210 is no exception. Unlike the i500, this iron is not built for maximum distance.

How old are ping i210 irons?

Ping released the i200, which has been a huge hit with both amateurs and professional golfers. They are, in fact, Ping’s most frequently used irons on the road. As a result, unlike the i500, the i210 is only an improvement over the previous generation.

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