The Kid Golfer

Golf is boring? Golf seems boring but make it Fun!

It’s Boring! Action-free, drool spectators and critics, chess-like pace of play, players in exaggerated attire from Harlem pimps, lack of athletic ability, and rules steeped in Edwardian England. Almost all golf viewers are other golfers, with a majority coming from the United States armed with the landed gentry.

There was a time when I, too, couldn’t see why anyone would want to participate in this ridiculous game. I just couldn’t figure out what, if anything, it was about it that people found interesting in the first place. Afterward, a great buddy of mine brought me to a golf driving range for some practice. And, as they say, the rest, as they say, was history.

Various than playing golf, I have had other experiences such as caddying at the golf course. This is truly bad work, in my view. Yeah, you can work your own hours but put up with some extremely elderly individuals playing a really long game for just an adequate amount of money really drains the joy out of summer days.

I believe there are several reasons why individuals participate in golf:

1) Spending time in the company

Spending time in the company of nature. Grass, trees, water, and sand are all present. Birds, rats, and even rare deer may be seen in the area. There isn’t a lot of concrete, glass, or other man-made materials.

2) All errors are unintentional errors!

Except for yourself, there is nothing that can prevent you from hitting your greatest shot every time. When it comes to golf, a non-golfer may not fully get what this implies until after s/he has committed to the sport.

I feel that golf is an archaic game practiced by old individuals who have outdated ideals. Golf is a dull game that occupies entirely too much time to play. I’ve played with my parents, and while I do like spending time with them, I feel that it was a game that took much too long time and we could’ve done something more enjoyable to do like go bowling. Not only is it boring to play, but it is also painful to watch on television. My dad watches it and I just leave the room.

Now to the old white male’s portion, from my experiences caddying at a golf course, all of the folks I spotted were white and elderly. If you watch TV the most of the folks playing golf aren’t older, but they’re all white. In my perspective, it just appears like the game of snobbish old business white males, who instead of working at their corporate offices, go out and golf on weekdays. Even with players like Tiger Woods, there is no rise in minority interest in golf It just appears to me that golf is a game played by individuals with white privilege.

3) Expensive

Golf may be prohibitively expensive in certain nations, making it an issue of social standing.
In conclusion, golf is regarded as a gentleman’s sport, perhaps even higher on the list than cricket. There are no umpires or referees in this game. You are responsible for keeping track of your own score. You impose penalties on oneself while no one is looking and no one is able to report your transgression to authorities. There isn’t another game quite like it.

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