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Callaway Diablo Tour golf balls

Another fantastic golf ball from Callaway is the Diablo Tour Golf Ball. This golf ball is filled with HEX Aerodynamics and is intended to minimize drag and create a flight that goes through the air off the tee. This results in a low, sharp flight that scrapes every last yard on high-flying drives.

To enhance your drives and minimize spin, the center of the ball is firmer towards its edges, while the inner-core is softer to allow more spin for shorter range clubs. The Callaway Diablo Tour Golf Ball features an Ionomer Cover that grips greens for even more accuracy.

Callaway Diablo Tour golf balls

Great golf ball for the price.Don’t last very long without cuts and little bits of plastic coming off
Designed for maximum Tour performance with a premium feel, the True Temper Axis golf shaft features a larger Power Core design that generates more spin from each club for better control. The soft center core produces more spin with shorter clubs for improved greenside control

Product Information

The Callaway Diablo Tour Golf Ball is meant to give golfers as much distance as possible while still providing short-range control. These cost less than $2 each and are an excellent choice for novice golfers looking to enhance their game on the course or expert players seeking to keep costs down without sacrificing performance.

Wrapping up

With Diablo Tour Golf Balls, you can improve the performance of your tee-to-green game. The innovative Power Core technology has a larger design built to produce a balance of distance and spin. An HPF inner layer encourages more spin to assist golfers in sticking approach and chip shots near the pin.

What is Callaway Tour ball?

Callaway Tour i(s) Golf Balls are designed to produce maximum greenside spin and control. Spin is enhanced off wedges and shorter clubs thanks to the Hyper-UrethaneTM cover. With tour-level distance, you can have total control over your shots. … The longer distance and higher accuracy that Tour i(s) balls provide

What is the difference between tour golf balls and regular?

High-compression cores are used in tour golf balls, as previously stated. That implies it takes a significant amount of force to “compress,” or deformation, the golf ball in order to take advantage of energy transfer for greater ball speed. Golfers with slower swing speeds may not have the necessary speed all of the time.

Is Callaway Diablo Tour a 3 piece ball?

The Callaway HX Diablo Tour uses a softer center core to minimize driver spin, as well as an inner cover that aids in the increase of ball speed off the face. Once again, Callaway’s HEX Aerodynamics take the place of traditional dimples to assist minimize drag.

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