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Alta cb red graphite

G410 PlusGrips

PING has several grip sizes that can be adapted to different hand sizes or textures. Because the grip size affects your hand motion and hence the direction you hit, it is commonly applied to ball movements. Ping grips come in six diameters and they have a customizable grip tape to meet any need.

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Once a neutral grip color code is determined from hand measurement, a golfer may consider smaller diameter grips for reducing fades and cutting, or larger sizes for controlling catches or hooking.

G410 PlusShafts

You need to optimise the launch angle and spin rate of the ball by choosing the right loft and shaft flex for your swing speed. Golfers typically use shorter stroke speed for more stable drives or more rigid shafts for better landing. In contrast, golfers with slower swing speed often require a shorter driver and a stiffer shaft. It is a recommended fit on the shaft that gives optimum playability.

Details of the product

**Head cover and wrench (if applicable) not included except seen in photos** 2nd Swing Value Guide offers golfers a unique way to trade in their existing club for an additional cost. Using this simple procedure, find out the value and payment options for your club. Start by registering at this site.

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Power Review 5 stars 77. 4 stars 83 3 stars 14 2 stars 7 1. 8 blown PENG G430 iron. I’d like to forget 2 irons! Minimal offset and easy to hit. Have four PW sets and a stiff shaft. The second round of 9 hole is the best. I have played hollow-iron forged forged forge, the G410 has enough good looking and a… address for comfort myself. Offset is very well done. The iron is long and slender, forgiving and has powerful stopping ability. Hit seven irons 170 yards and 4 irons 200 yards. I find the irony to be an important decision. Thank you.

What is Alta CB shaft?

Alta CB Slate Shaft. The Alta CB Slate (SRR, S, X) are the standard shafts in the G425 driver, fairway wood, hybrid, crossover and iron vehicles. The driving shaft has remained true to Pings beliefs in counterbalanced techniques by including an 8-gram plug in the ends of the shaft for additional torque or forgiveness.

Who makes the Alta CB shaft?

The company making Alta Golf shafts is Aldila. The company has operations in Carlsbad California and was founded in San Diego California.

What is the Alta CB 55 shaft?

Alta 55 is a mid-trajectory shaft that compensates for heavier headweight. It can be improved by switching colors from copper to black when it can be entered as address. Ping also offers tours of 65 and 75 shafts for players with heavy shafts and low flight.

Which Ping shaft should I use?

You must have the correct shaft for your ability to be effective. Spargo Golf has the tools for finding the correct shaft for your needs and ensuring consistency in your play.

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