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Wedges vs irons

An iron is a club utilized in golf to propel the ball towards the hole. Wedges are irons with a higher loft than the numbered irons and are used for various “utility” shots requiring short distances or high launch angles.

Iron – a very old kind of golf club, usually made from forged metal. Very heavy unlike modern clubs which are mostly made from lightweight metals or plastics. The head has a smooth wedge-like shape and is designed to move through the air more easily for solid shots with less backspin compared to wooden sticks which have an open club face and can deliver more power but are more difficult to control.

Wedge – a modern golf club, typically made from lightweight metals or plastics. Heavier than irons and with a more angular head, wedges are designed to help players get the ball out of difficult situations, such as sand traps or rough ground. They also produce more backspin than irons, which helps players hold the green.

Wedge – A wood-headed club used to lift the ball out of sand traps and other areas where it would not normally be possible to play a full shot. Wedges also have a higher degree loft than other irons, making them easier to hit high shots with backspin, ideal for stopping the ball quickly on the green.

Iron – A club with a flat, relatively wide steel head designed to strike the ball along its long axis and transfer maximum energy to it for distance. The irons are numbered from one (the highest) through nine; longer clubs have lower numbers. Because of their larger heads, long irons require more skill to hit accurately than short irons.

Wedge – A club that has a high loft and is often used for shots from sand or rough ground that would not normally be possible with an iron. Wedges have the following lofts: pitching wedge, 47 degrees; sand wedge, 52 degrees; gap wedge, 55 degrees.

Misc. Info:

– A “driver” is the longest and lightest club in a golfer’s bag and is used to hit the ball the farthest down the fairway.

– A putter is a club with a very low loft that is used on the green to roll the ball into the hole. It is the only club that can “theoretically” be used to hit the ball square.

– The number on a club refers to the loft of the club in degrees and ranges from 1 (for a driver) through 54, which is for a putter.

– A golf course has 18 holes, each consisting of three separate area designations: par 3, par 4, and par 5.

– A good score on a hole is typically 3 shots under par for the hole. This means the golfer has to get their ball in the cup in less than three shots after adding up all of their possible strokes. For example, if a player shoots a par of four at a hole, they have scored a “birdie”.

– The distance of the hole is generally measured in yards. A hole that is 300 yards long has a par 3, which means you have to get your ball in the cup under three shots on average. If it’s 450, it’s considered a par 4, and if it’s 600+, its considered a par 5.

– A golfer is typically given a total number of strokes for an 18 hole course, and it is their job to use as few as possible while still sinking the ball into the cup on every hole.

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