The Kid Golfer

Obviously you’re not a golfer

He is tormented by the thugs, who are after the money due to their bosses by the wealthy Lebowski’s wife. As far as we can tell, they have entered the wrong house and are torturing the wrong Lebowski. At some time, one of the two thugs begins to understand that they have made a mistake. He picks up the bowling ball and considers (extremely slowly, because he is a foolish thug) the fact that a wealthy person would not be able to bowl. So he’s taken aback, he says.

“What the fuck is this?”

Whereas the Dude, in his very funny sarcasm replies:

“Obviously you are not a golfer”

Other meanings of Obviously you’re not a golfer

He’s kidding about the guy’s lack of expertise. Despite the fact that he doesn’t understand what it is, Lebowski’s remark implies that it is used for golfing, as seen in his reply. It was simply straightforward sarcasm.

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