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Epic vs epic flash

Ping G400 vs. Callaway Epic Driver Comparison


As G4500 or Epic Flash have been discontinued, the price will be considerably more fair. It seems the Epic Flash driver is much more accessible than the G400. If your specs are relatively simple and it does not look like you need much customization for this driver, you should never have trouble finding this driver either.

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You might have to buy a new Ping if your search is successful. The value of drivers for PONGs is usually very high and this may prove beneficial if you are planning to sell them soon enough. Whatever the driver you choose, you won’t be overpaying.


Where Callaway leads by distance, Ping leads by forgiveness. This G400 driver is extremely consistent and generally gives golfers very little dispersion. If your dispersion is lower the farther your drive is from you. The dispersions would be fantastic if we could put our buckets on a golf fairway. Epic flash keeps your ball on the fairway even if they are configured to the right requirements for the game.. Our perception was that Ping was merely predictable on the tee. Distance or forgiveness is difficult to decide.

Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver Review

The Callaway Epic Flash sub-zero drivers have the same features as the regular model, but are smaller. It is slightly different for moving the CG and reducing spin, with a lighter 12 kg weight on the rear and a screw weight on the face. It is bigger than the original Epic Driver, thus it is bigger than the first Epic Sub-Zero. The Epic flash subzero is the better solution in my opinion, as the head configuration gives 2.5mph faster ball speeds and less spin.

Callaway Epic Flash Driver

Callaway Epic Flash drivers are a new upgrade to Epic’s previous drivers. The Epic Flash drivers were the very first teams that used the revolutionary high-performance flash face technologies. A golf ball can jump from the club head and it’s Epic Flash’s best tool. Although it’s not the latest Callaway product, it’s really working out to your benefit. The latest version is somewhat more expensive than Epic Flash. But these aren’t all of the same benefits.


It is possible that the Epic Flash can be used to make golf longer and easier to play. The first one uses Jailbreaking technology. The Epic Flash is equipped with Jailbreak technology that acts like a trampoline in the club’s bar. The bars serve the side of golf and will give the balls the kick they want. The club has been re-designed with the new Flashface Technology which produces some of the greatest ball speeds golfers could ever have seen. I definitely love the Epic Flash driver.

Player Handicap

The best golfers in Callaway Epic Flash should have a medium to low handicap. If you are 15 years old and less, you’re going to enjoy performance benefits. When you have a handicap of 30 you may need something more forgiving. Even though the Epic Flash is intended to be a more drawn bias and raise the loft there is a more forgiving driver on the market. For golfers who are less handicapped, you might want to look at Epic Flash Sub Zero. The driver is somewhat compact and workable.

Callaway Epic Flash Driver: Our verdict

Flash faces as stories is just the same compelling as Taylor Made’s speed injecting. It’s more muted and powerful than the sub zero, which to many may have a significant effect. The Flash produced Chris’s most powerful ball speed and long drives – a testament to the ability of the Flash to be more easily manipulated by the player in club golf than the lower spinnable Sub Zero. It is not a risky investment.

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The 0.8-mile Tour pro had increased his backspin speed by 2 – 4 yards and lost four yards over Rogue despite a 3 yards increase on the stock shaft. It gave him an average distance of 282, which he achieved through lower spin generated in Epic Flash Sub Zero.

Ping. G400

The Ping G400 Driver isn’t the latest release on the club’s lineup but certainly the best-selling. The G400 Driver is designed to serve a broad range of gamers, which allows golfers greater ball-speed than other options.


The G400 driver has variable loft which may not be as extreme as others. Some motors can be changed in one or the other direction. The Ping G 400 has only two degrees of movement. This is a good feature but it’s very important to you in buying a loft that fits your needs.

Let me know what the differences between these clubs are.

Callaway Epic Flash Driver: Key Technology

Flash’s unique internal mapping consists of hundreds of subtle ripples flowing through the foot and toes of its newly developed Epic Flash driver. Although the sizes of a sphere appear random, the heights and shape of these ripples really work cohesively in elevating COR at the centre. It was built by Artificial Intelligence – the first known use of A.I. for golf equipment. New driver interface designs usually take 8-10 variants.

What is the difference between Epic Flash and epic speed?

The Epic Speed is the natural successor of Callaway’s epic flash driver of the same season. Like Epic Flash it has been designed for speed, but it takes everything further with the new A.I. Jailbreaker Speed Frame Flash Face SS21 Tri-axial carbon weighted aerodynamic design.

What is the difference between Callaway epic Max and Epic Flash?

Epic speed primarily suited to players with high swing speeds. The weight of the weights are distributed evenly so as to give the planes less and longer wings. Epic Max has a more generous feel for players who play higher handicap or have a slower swinging stroke.

Is the Callaway epic flash worth it?

Unlike the other Flash Subzero Epic games, it’ s more a players club and does have some forgiveness. The smaller head usually increases mph in your club swing. The sweet spot in the middle is smaller though. Having trouble hitting a ball higher or gaining too many yards by excessive swings can be a great option.

What is the difference between Epic Flash and epic Sub Zero?

The epic flashbacks and Sub Zero performed superbly. … The Epic Flash has distance forgiveness and the highest trajectory a few players are fond of. Sub Zero has a lower spin rate that gives us the bullet-shot we prefer.

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