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Why do golfers wear polos

There are always two reasons that people wear polo shirt when playing golf. One reason is to prevent the sunburn and another one is to keep dust away from clothes. However, there is a third reason. It is mostly for the psychological effect among the players themselves. Polos can be worn as casual or formal clothing without much difference in design even though they have a symbolic logo on the breast. This makes polos acceptable for both social and formal occasions. It is a way that players can feel more comfortable even though they wear it to play golf.

Possibly, this is why polo shirts became the most popular choice of golf equipment over other regular wear clothing such as classic round-collar shirts. In addition, polos are easy to put on. Players do not need to worry about laces or buttons because polo shirts have a collar that can be easily fastened with a small metal clip at the front of the neck. This makes it easier for players who want to hit balls as quickly as possible to enjoy their game without long delays.

People wear polo shirts because it is less bothersome to play in one. Moreover, by wearing it, people can establish a common ground among the players since they are all wearing the same type of clothing. This allows the game to be played with ease and comfort, making it more enjoyable for everyone playing instead of feeling uncomfortable with different styles of dressing.

The other reason is because it keeps dust away from their clothes, and this is so that the player can keep playing and not have to stop for any shower or anything like that. This helps them play longer and to do better in the game as well. It makes the game more enjoyable because you can just go on without having to stop to take care of anything.

The third reason is mostly for the psychological effect among the players themselves. This makes the game more enjoyable and not as much work.

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