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Where did Obama golf?

Obama spent the most of his time on the golf course at two military installations: Joint Base Andrews (home of Andrews Air Force Base) and Fort Belvoir. As is clear from the name, Andrews is located in Maryland, near to the nation’s capital. In addition, Belvoir is in Virginia, which is very close by.

What’s a pandemic birthday celebration without lots of time spent on the golf course and in the water?

He also went for a few rounds while on vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, namely at Farm Neck and Vineyard. Several rounds were played in California, Florida, and at least one in the Chicago region, according to my records. It is possible that he has made rounds in other locations as well, but this represents the vast bulk of his mainland American trips.

Earlier on Saturday, former President Obama and his friends hit the links once more, just hours before his lavish and contentious 60th birthday party on Martha’s Vineyard.

In Hawaii, it appears that he spent much of his time at the Kaneohe Klipper Course, which is located on a Marine Corps post. There are a few other courses that the former president has played, but this was the primary location where he did so while in government.

Obama, who appeared to be in great shape, arrived at the exclusive woodland Vineyard Golf Club on Saturday morning with his Secret Service team, actor Don Cheadle, and at least 20 other friends. They participated in a round of golf (eighteen holes).

It was reported in The Washington Post that the couple was “strolling around the golf course looking extremely pleased and calm.”

The club is located in a remote, densely forested location, not far from the airport, and is easily accessible. Refreshments had been set up beneath a small outdoor tent near the clubhouse for guests to enjoy..

He was officially documented as having played 306 rounds, however there have been rumors that he may have played as many as 330 rounds. 186 of the 306 locations were military sites, according to the report. While such courses may not have been as prestigious as some of the private clubs to which he would have been invited, they were – a) close to the capital, making air travel unnecessary, and/or b) located in areas where security concerns were alleviated because they were military facilities. On Martha’s Vineyard, there were another 48 rounds.

“They appeared to be in excellent spirits,” according to the insider.

The club, which was created by Donald Steel’s design business in 2002, has long been President Barack Obama’s preferred golfing destination on the Vineyard.

This website, The Obama Golf Counter, provided me all the information I needed. If you’re asking if it offers a more favorable picture of the former president, the answer is no. You’ve got the link, and judging from the comments in the liners, it’s not a really nice site for him.

Note: All the info above we compiled from different sites and we are not responsible for any misinformation.

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