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When did spalding stop making golf clubs

The history of the Spalding brand is full of many changes and name changes. In 1990s, they were known as Top-Flite which also owned Ben Hogan branded golf clubs in addition to Strata by then renamed Callaway Golf Company (now just part -Dicks Sporting Goods).

In 2003 when Callaway acquired them it carried on under this moniker until 2012 when Dick’s purchased all remaining rights while keeping their current line up intact. The iconic ball maker’s last product using its original designation was released over ten years ago!

The Spalding golf club industry has essentially disappeared. Unlikely to come back anytime soon given how long it’s been since they made clubs, and Players on tour might not even know that this company ever existed because of their lack in production over time- leading them now have technological handicaps when playing against modern designs with improved materials/production technology.

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