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What’s the difference between the S300 and the S400?

Choosing the best golf shafts is quite an interesting thing to look for. It is possible you can find the right game by trying different games. The S400 golf shaft has a variety of specifications that you can buy at True Temper. We can answer any of your questions. It’s essential to know when buying golf equipment.

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You’ll need to determine the difference between S300s and S400s to make sure that they match the golf course you play. It’s fortunately just one small difference from standard S300 to SS400. The weight difference can only occur in a small amount. It is important for us that we distinguish S400 tour issues. If you compare the shaft with the other shaft, take into consideration ball speed and manufacturing tolerance. There will be a lot of confusion about which shaft is best. It’ll matter what’s best for the game.

Is s400 stronger than s300?

A comparison of dynamic gold S300 versus S400 suggests that the S400 has more stiffness than its counterpart. Many will say the stiffness is similar, but the only difference is the weight. The s400 is stiffer. Golfers will be surprised to know this model feels softer than the S400. Several key points are noted on the shaft. The weight can sometimes be different but not precisely. The shaft of the S400 is reportedly heavier than the ‘300’. Several grams are allowed to enter each direction of manufacture.

Features And Benefits Of True Temper Dynamic Gold S300

True Temper Dynamically Gold S300 is an extremely common golf shaft. This shaft has the power needed to deliver excellent play for the mid to low handicapper with good clubhead speeds. Aside from this, the S300 offers high performance golf shafts at an affordable price. Put this in your irons can dramatically alter your golf club feel, but you will not feel the need to break the bank to get that done. Dynamic Gold S300 uses variable walls system on its shaft.

Features And Benefits Of The True Temper S400

Its shaft is a bit different from a typical S400 shaft. First of all we should acknowledge that the S300 is not made for DynamicGold Tours. The tour issue brings shaft production to another level with the shaft weights being accurate by +/-0.5 g. It’s far greater than the tolerances of the Dynamic Gold golf shafts because the users have tight tolerances for this game. The majority of players can’t notice the differences between shafts.

What makes a tour product different?

Many golfers have gotten confused with this Tour designation as it has different performances. It is important to know the above details when buying golf equipment as well as golf accessories such as golf clubs. Here are some important characteristics that make Tour products different.


If golf products come with Tours attached, then price will increase. Many of it is marketing but sometimes it’s just motivation. Some travel products have more efficient and higher performance manufacturing processes, or have higher prices that could legitimately increase the cost. Golfers looking to purchase tour-level products typically have no difficulty completing the game. Unless you are under 75, the chances are that you take golf seriously. If the equipment used is similar to the equipment of the golf professional on tour then there is generally no cost issue.


Tour-issue golf product performance will usually appeal to golfers looking for more precise swing speeds. These golf shafts are known as a directional device that provides greater accuracy than other alternatives for a golfer with other issues. Obviously, Tour Issue shafts do not perform as well as other shafts. If your swing is relatively slow for golfers with mid to high handicaps, it will not require this additional power. Instead, it’s much better to use standard issue golf shafts that are designed for your particular performance needs.


The manufacture process for Tour Issue products are typically involving much more than in standard golf products. It’s important for customers to be aware of the difference. We should leave everything behind to golf. If you serve grilled cheese to your child, they can easily digest it. If we took this sandwich and ate it at home, we’d know immediately that grilled cheese and bread were not gourmet. These are the similarities between golfers using a standard shaft compared with those using tour shafts.

Type of player

Some golf enthusiasts come out to play to have fun while others try to score lower. The way you enjoy golf in different ways can help you find something that matches your character and skills levels. If you enjoy playing golf once a month with friends or enjoying a wager on your favorite golf course, this Dynamic Gold option might work well for you. A shaft for a Tour Issue can make it possible to fill a fireplace with club championships. Golfers know the diverse players that exist in the markets.

Key Differences Between Both Shafts

Some differences must be seen between them. The S300 shaftflex weighs 130 g and has greater flex than the E 400 but most people are not aware of it. S300 S400.

What is the difference between S400 and X100?

There can be differences among these models, primarily in shafts and weight tolerances. Although shaft bands have an aesthetic appeal, weight tolerances affect club feel. The “Mission of the Throne” Tour Issue has a tight tolerance for the same weight in both S400 and X100. It won’t require subflex.

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