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Top flite gamer v2 review

A value brand like Slazenger does not have a good reputation for quality, and Top Flite is no exception. A new set of Top Flite clubs will cost you around $150-$219.99, although a great condition used set from eBay or Craigslist would be preferable. However, Top Flite Golf balls are excellent low-cost balls.

Finally, the cover is a DuPontTM HPFTM mantle layer followed by an incredibly soft yet durable ionomer core. According to reports, these components seem to work effectively together. In my experience, at least!

Do Top-Flite balls go further?

The Top-Flite Afterburner Core Technology produces extra distance by increasing the ball’s acceleration. Both the XL Distance and XL Straight are available in 15-ball packs. The yellow hue on the XL Distance makes it easier to correct errant strikes.

I effectively striped my drives. The ball’s mantle layer is intended to boost ball speed and minimize driver sidespin for further distance and accuracy, and I really raked my balls down the fairway. On impact, it had a softer feel than most low-cost balls, but it wasn’t buttery.

FirmnessThe Gamer is somewhat stiffer than other premium ionomer balls. The softer cover is intended to generate a little more spin.
Long IronWhen I was hitting woods and longer irons, the results were roughly similar. I had a solid, penetrating, straight-flight with a probable yard or two more carry than normal. The ball stopped rolling quickly when I hit a long shot on to the green (for example, on a par four), which is considerably quicker than I had anticipated from it,
CompressionThe Top Flite Gamer has a compression of 77 on our gauge. The comps in the market, such as the OnCore ELIXR (80) and the Bridgestone Tour B RX (77), are urethane-covered balls with similar compressions. In terms of compression, the most comparable ionomer ball we’ve measured so
ConsistancyWhile core color was mostly uniform with only a few visible bits of regrind here and there, we did find a few balls with what appeared to be chunks of red material in the center. The most serious case was marked as bad. However, because the same ball had a significant concentricity problem, it would have been labeled regardless of the
CoverIn general, the covers on the Top Flite Gamer performed well. However, because a small portion of the dimple pattern had been destroyed, we identified one ball in the sample as bad.
FlexibleThe Gamers is a DICK’S Sporting Goods-exclusive house brand that allows the world’s largest specialty retailer to create Gamer as it sees fit. The prior generation flirted with the “Tour” category because of its urethane covering.
FeelThe Game Feel was excellent since to the solid core and soft ionomer cover, but it isn’t as nice as a tour-quality ball with a urethane cover. Of course, compared to Top-Flite Gamer V2 golf balls, those kinds of balls are softer and provide more short-game spin for roughly twice the cost.
My putter, on the other hand, felt smooth and “clicky” when I hit off it. This insert is actually rather soft. It rolled straight and true.
Ball’s durabilityI was also taken with the ball’s durability. For my complete round, I used a single Top-Flite Gamer V2 golf ball, and I only noticed two minor scuffs when I plucked it out of the cup on No. 18.
Short ironThese long irons and wedges weren’t very powerful, but they did have some bite. They won’t back up on the green, however they do have some short-game “stopping power.”


The company is resuming its Gamer brand with the most recent version. It’s going back to its origins as a low-cost ionomer-covered ball with a little performance boost.

Bottom line: top flite gamer v2 review

The Top-Flite Gamer V2 golf balls are excellent, especially for the price. Rather than playing like a budget distance ball, they play like a solid mid-range ball that costs $10 or $15 more per dozen. Distance is fantastic, accuracy is good, and they’re quite durable. Naturally, the spin off a wedge isn’t

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