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Taylormade SLDR c driver review

TaylorMade SLDR Golf Driver

The Taylormade style is an elegant looking club with a well-balanced footprint. The upper is sleek black that looks amazing against the green, and the lower section is darker grey that really completes the look. The driver makes a good impression on your hands. And if you find your spot perfect, you can still feel an enjoyable crack from a great distance. This driver has very much forgiveness and therefore will have little impact.

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Taylormade SLDR c driver review

A reasonably priced golf club with a well-known brand behind it, such as TM. This appears to be a wise commercial choice.

I’m confident that it is on par with the $399 915 in terms of technological sophistication… Occasionally, your hatred makes me giggle, so keep it up.

Specifications of the product

Golf club: TaylorMade SLDR C Driver

Max Distance, Max Control, and Max Value are all possible.

Low -forward CG encourages rapid ball speed, quick launch, and low spin, resulting in incredible distance.

Low-profile designs make it simple to launch a rocket into space.

Inspiring confidence while sculpting.

What is SLDR C driver?

TaylorMade SLDR CC series drivers features: Speed pocket design with flexible faces and exploding distances. Lower and Forwarded locations promote greater launches, less spin rate and high speed balls which leads to greater crushing distance.

Is TaylorMade SLDR forgiving?

It is larger and more tolerant than the 430cc driver.

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