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Soft feel putters


SOFT normalizes ball speeds on faces to varying degrees. It means whatever you hit your putt you have consistent speed and consistent distance. It makes so much sense to keep your score low when an off-center strike.

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Designed to perfection. CNC Facemilling with high accuracy. Soft304 stainless steel. All combine to offer a superior feeling, reliable roll and better accuracy in the Huntington Beach SOFT Premier.


If one hits the putt at the center of their faces it can reach maximum velocity. But a slight drop in ball speed means you have to putt shorter.

What are the softest feeling putters?

Our quickest and most efficient message system is now in black. The Odyssey DX Putter uses our Soft Insert technology which improves your chipping performance. DFX is actually less stiff than the iconic White heat insert and offers smooth grip on the green.

Are soft putters good?

Soft putts are usually more effective at putting – it helps keep it from sticking to the chain. Hard putters bounce out more when hitting the head but hard putters will usually throw up the sides of the ball. Vibram medium plastics have generally remained the best…it seems that. The Gateway system works. Feb. 9, 2013.

What is a soft putter?

Fast optimized face technology (SOFT) keeps you away from putting pressure on the ball. SOFT normalizing the speed of the putts across the whole face delivers constant distance no matter the angle of the hit.

How do you soften a face putter?

Softening. If the player wants soften the feel of the ball when the ball is hit on its face, the face insert can offer an alternative solution. The designers can create a softer feel by removing a certain amount from its surface while also avoiding the rest.

What putter design is best for high handicappers?

Whatever your preference! It’s an important concept: Look down at your club especially the putt. 80% has been won. Tiger Woods uses looks only to test the clubs he thinks are his favourites. So the majority of professional golfers select clubs. It’s impossible to say the correct answer. The best golf putter is whatever it is yours. Once you get a feeling of confidence in your putter, you can typically enjoy it. The small, rounded mallet is a great fit and the classic blade putter has no offset. Get in the right place and do the right thing!

How to be a better putter?

Do you spend the most on your range? How do I learn golf and improve my game? It’s true, but I’ve learnt everything quickly. While I believe the most effective driver you could ever possess will be the fastest winner in that situation. Have an idea of that. Say your shot is very good at driving and can go to greens on two or three holes. Putting can be done 3 or more occasions in a row that are destroyed by a single hit.

Step 1

Bring your putts and 5-10 balls. Place between a green hole and another green hole 20 to 30 feet away. Put them up until all three are at least two feet away. Once completed, follow the steps 2. .

Step 2

Take the 5-10 balls and scatter them on the ground. Put 3ft until you have drilled the ball into it. Do this at another hole for 3 feet. When it becomes possible you’ll be home. Don’t go without catching the ball. Next time, increase the circles to three feet and then five feet. Your machine will be yours! Scroll down to see some good putting tutorials. Okay, this is a lesson for you to get into.


Fast Face Technology is able to keep pressure putts from falling short. SoFT Normalizes the speed of the putting at the entire face and delivers constant distance regardless of the angle. Contrary to other technology, SOFT takes the next step by providing model specific milling on the putter. Choose your car and you’re seeing instant results.


Pick the one that suits you the best. Detects the ball hitting your target. The confidence. Huntington Beach Soft Premier features high performance Gray-Satin PVD and is designed to provide a sleek appearance and reduce the reflection when positioned at an angle.


Odyssey is dominant on the Put-in-Pitch and there is absolutely no doubt that it’s not impossible for anyone to get one with a Rossie 2.0. The abovementioned putters have sparked my interest and provide excellent putting with very little to no damage to the credit or debit card. You’ll find that you can use this putter for a long time, however if you want you can upgrade it in the future.

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