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R580 Driver: Pros & Cons

A 400cc head and low, deep CG make the TaylorMade r580 Driver ideal for any golfer seeking forgiveness in their drives. The low CG and deep face provide a higher initial launch with more forgiving characteristics. During impact, the crown lines assist in squaring the club face and keeping it aligned. When you trade in your old clubs at 2nd Swing and purchase the TaylorMade r580 Driver, you’ll save money!

R580 Driver: Pros & Cons

Increases the launch angle and decreases the spin rate.There’s a ton of room for forgiveness here.On top of the clubhead are alignment aids.It’s not for you if you’re afraid of big-headed drivers. To the average golfer of today, a 400cc clubhead would look little.

What Golfers Say About R580 Driver

I have to confess that I was a bit nervous as I went onto the tee with this monster. Larger than I’m used to (400cc), the head is a challenge for me. When swinging, the size of the head is hardly evident.

Even when the shot isn’t perfect, the ball still feels terrific off the clubface. When it comes to the “sweet spot” (think “COR zone”) on the inside of the clubface, credit the inverted cone.

Those that tried the club, no matter how good or bad they were, liked it. If you’re a beginner looking for a driver with a little more leniency, this is a wonderful option. It’s a fantastic way to start the ball moving. Take a swing at it and you’ll agree.

R580 Driver Ratings On eBay

  1. Ebay’s R580: VAlue Of Money

Taylor Made’s burner driver had a tiny head, and I realized that I wasn’t playing it enough. Consequently, I turned to gaze at a vehicle with a bigger head.

Normally, I like to test out my clubs before making a purchase, so I sought for a bargain on eBay. I paid around $40 for it in used condition, including delivery. I wasn’t let down at all! A few years ago, I could only hit the ball around 250 yards, but today it’s much easier for me to reach 300 yards. This has the advantage of launching the ball really high.

This helps remove trees and other obstructions, but it may be a difficulty in high winds. It has a 10.5-degree loft and a stiff fujy-looking shaft, for whatever reason. My new driver has a 9.5-degree inclination.

This is a good option if you’re looking for a low-cost driver. A little out of date, but a dependable performer nevertheless. Visit to ensure you have the correct version. There will be a large number of drivers whose usage in ‘competition’ will be prohibited as of January of next year. Illegal drivers have been offered even by well-known brands!

  1. R580 Driver by Taylot

The R580 driver isn’t the newest on the market, but it’s still a good club with plenty of distance. Try the R580 first before shelling out hundreds of dollars for a new driver. It’s one of a handful of drivers that can compete with the most up-to-date clubs.

Find a place where you can test out many different brands and shaft combinations before you purchase any golf clubs. With the correct shaft and the R580 head, your distance off the tee will increase!

Original TaylorMade R Driver When cc Was Huge

The R 580 driver from Taylor Made Golf debuted as part of their R 500 series of drivers in late 2012. It was a 400cc driver. Just look at how often we commented on how big that was back then in our original review from 2013 below.

In 2002, golf club manufacturers had not yet reached the maximum allowed clubhead volume of 460 cc. The R580’s 400 cc clubhead volume was the way station enroute to 460 cc.

Buying a TaylorMade R Driver Today

We recommend against buying used TaylorMade R580 drivers because they are not very technologically advanced anymore. They are still fine clubs, but we think that you should buy a new driver instead.

If you’re looking for an affordable golf club, check out our list of the best value clubs for beginners. If you’re looking for something specific, like a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, putter, etc., we’ve got those too!

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Original Review of the TaylorMade R Driver

This driver is designed to promote forgiveness and allow longer shots. It also helps to reduce spin when struck at higher launch angles. It works best for players with smaller heads.


TaylorMade’s R500 driver features a 400cc head that is the same size as a small Volkswagen engine. But it weighs less than half as much. The center of gravity is placed low and to the back. This helps promote a high launch and higher ball speed. To mimic the shape of a putter, there are “crown lines” atop the head that help align your hands and eyes.


A titanium body and titanium alloy face. Inside of the clubface uses “inverted cone” technology to greatly expand the COR zone. The COR (spring like effect) is the maximum allowed by the USGA at.830. The tail pipes—or tuning weight cartridge—in the back of the head tune the head with shaft. Shanks used were designed specifically to fit this driver.

TaylorMade R Driver Review

I picked up my first TaylorMade driver at age 15. I had never played golf before, and I didn’t know what to expect. I was nervous about hitting the ball, but I quickly found out that the TaylorMade R580 driver was easy to hit. It felt like a natural extension of my arm, and I could feel the sweet spot right away. The head is large, but not heavy, and the shaft is flexible enough to allow me to get all the forgiveness I need. The R580 driver also allows me to hit the ball farther than any other driver I’ve ever tried.

I’ve played this club since I was 14 years old. It’s always been my favorite driver. I love the forgiveness, especially when I’m trying to hit a long iron shot. I like the fact that it doesn’t break down at all. And I love the sound it makes when I swing it. The Bottom Line.

A 400 cc monster from TaylorMade, R580 is a sweet feeling club for players looking for maximum forgiveness, high trajectory and big distance.

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