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Pga players with narrow stance

Pga players with narrow stance

Bubba Watson, a prominent PGA golfer with a small stance, is one of the most recognized. He makes a tremendous, free turn with his narrow stance. Take a look at the video of Bubba below and pay attention to how much of a turn he creates in the backswing while using his irons.

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Narrow Stance In Golf (Top 7 Advantages Explained)

As much as we enjoy playing golf we understand stance and setup. When your position isn’t good you will be having trouble keeping consistent contact with the ball.

Although you’ll struggle to find any golfer playing with the feet fully in the same place it does provide many advantages. Tell me the most effective reason for narrowing the stance? The tightness may seem like an advantage to the golfer, depending on his/her strengths and weaknesses.

Full Swing, Wide Stance

The late Jim Flolick coached golfers in PGA and lPGA tournaments and encouraged them in the past to use an upright posture that is wider than shoulder width on woods and he is also known as the founder. Flick thought extending the slant would improve stability and the more long, fast swing this club required. Andrew Rice of Tampa PGA also recommended a long stance, especially for drivers on golf courses.

Rice claims an open position will let your back stay behind the ball while swinging up on the ball — two key keys used in many golfing games for longer distances. As you move through your irons you may narrow your position with any club to avoid such long and strong swings.

Narrow stance for senior golfers

Golfers that benefit more if positioned at a narrow position are senior golfers. When you are old and have limited mobility, the importance of gaining rotation in the golf stroke increases exponentially. In the golf game, young people usually can afford too wide angled stances.

They have some rotational restrictions but flexibility in the hips compensates and they can also rotate well. Senior golfers need to have more body control so that they can play the best golf possible. Just because of physical restrictions, there’s no guarantee you can’t play a great golf. Then look for the seniors in golf for the best possibilities possible.

Extra wide golf stance

Extra wide positions in golf are not often used by pros. The resulting revolving door is usually restricted. In windy conditions however a wider position may be helpful. As a native of the United Kingdom, I have participated in many link courses. When it’s windy it’s impossible for a man to stand up or even play a golf! In such conditions it seems necessary to use an additional wide position.

I personally had more successes with very broad postures and short swings. A wider position could hinder your rotation and therefore be less effective for short swings (4/4 turns). A longer swing reduces swing speed and helps to decrease spin.

Wider stance for shallower swing?

The idea that larger stances result in shallower swings seems unfounded. A little bit of confusion is made when it comes to the even slash swings. A shallow plane can be attacked from a shallow angle or from a shallow swing plane. In short shallow attacks produce little – no divot, while in shallow movements the angle produces rounded and flat movements.

There are some correlations between them. A shallower swing plane produces a shallower attack angle. Despite being extremely difficult, the correlation cannot simply be simplified. The ideal situation is to aim for low swings at impact for consistency.

Does a wider stance really create a shallower swing?

When we consider the swing at three angles the problem is that a wide stance alone leads to a shallower swing. Having a wider position will increase width and shallowness of the address. However, having a wider posture can cause rotation issues.

This low rotation often results in an excessive attack angle. Normally this results in massive slits on iron balls — a lot of spinning by the driver a consistent strike with balls. In addition, a shallower swing does not make for better swings. Generally, I’d recommend doing the best rotation possible. This can lead to using narrower positions.

Narrow Stance for the Short Game: Sway the Golf Course

Generally for putting chip and pitch around greens, the majority of players prefer narrow stances with bare heels. The instructor, David Leadbetters, says that he recommends a narrow posture which helps you lean the upper body towards the target of chips.

When playing chips in wide positions it is likely that you will tilt backwards at strokes and hit behind the balls. You must hit down for solid contact in greens. Nebraska-based coach James Sieckman argued that the shorter pitches should have a more narrow position. Having narrow openings will allow you to have fluid movements while hitting cleanly.

Full Swing, Narrow Stance

New York golfer Mike Adams recommends an extended stance where your feet lie hip wide. Adams said the stance allows you to use large muscles in your legs to gain more power at clubshead speeds.

A second teaching professional, Don Trahan, who teaches with his brother PGA Tour players, suggests that a narrow stance helps to reduce your body weight. Many players use shoulders to overuse the ball, causing difficulty in turning a ball. A narrow angle limits the number of turns the player can take in a backswing and it also helps in preventing swinging too far from the target range.

Narrow stance to prevent swaying

However, narrow posture tends to help with the movement of the head making it more visible. You might discover that narrow postures help you find the right balance and allow you to control it more accurately. The best drill I can use to do it would be the following: I like doing it with 7 irons, however use shorter clubs if you like.

It is possible to teed it to the short hole if your hands are struggling to touch it. If your rotation is hard, then you may need an additional incline change. This exercise has no purpose but is intended for a quick turning and a quick turning.

Narrow stance for better ball striking

A small posture helps keep your ball on top. Normally this will have the most significant impact on the longer club mainly due to your normally broadstance. If you don’t play well, golf you will probably increase the body rotation. Great ball players rotate well through impact.

This keeps a player off the ball head by not putting the club in the hand and ensures constant interaction. Increasing clubhead speed. My rotations improved dramatically by moving to smaller positions. The biggest improvement probably was on my car because my posture in such an approach was wide.

Is there a wide or narrow course for women and juniors?

For female junior players you may achieve a narrower or larger hole. Some junior athletes have good balance and control when their position is slightly wider, it’s a good feel for them. Generally, women are more apt to turn and create more tempo in narrower positions.

Some golfers must decide what will work best for their game through experimentation. It is not clear that any woman golfer will be better with a larger attitude than other golfers. Play around the driving field in several different positions to discover one that fits your style.

Narrow Vs Wide Stance For Golf – What’s Better And For Whom?

When you start hitting golf, ensure you are in an optimal position. If you don’t have the proper foot grip or you don’t feel comfortable, it’s probably advisable that you forget about getting back into your game. The swinging motion is highly dependent upon the stability and posture in the golf position.

If your position doesn’t suit your style, and you’re unsure, you could lose your golf ball every time you hit it. There are some great golfers in the world who are trying to figure out the difference between the width and the narrow stance.

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Disadvantages Of A Narrow Golf Stance

Its biggest weakness is stability: When your feet are close together, it can make it hard to maintain stability when you swing. In some instances the lack of stability can result in slowed club head velocity. When you watch long drives of course it can be very rare to observe the players standing with a pair of feet in front.

According to your golf skill and natural ability, a narrow golfing stance can be the perfect solution. Most players find that a narrower angle can only be achieved when shooting short shots around the green.

Narrow stance with driver

Golfers are seldom very comfortable if they have a narrow stance towards the driver. In reality most golfers would be more concerned with using narrow stances with the driver. The driver’s narrow stance seems a bit unreal.

Driver is a longer club, we have a longer swing. Balance is important, so having a tight position is counter-intuitive. We are trying to get closer at the ball and it seems to make sense to move the back foot closer to the ball. In addition, the larger stance makes you feel stronger and athletic.

Stall with driver caused by wide stance

Stalls are basically the names given for movement when the body stops rotating when the impact occurs. If the body stalls, a hand or wrist takes the upper part, usually leading to a lowerflip that adds a lot of weight to the golf. This increase in loft produces a higher ball with too much movement. This produces sometimes decent golf shots. When a driver produces faster, it’s often excessive and leads to a loss of distance. Generally, narrowing stances can help increase body rotation through impact. Increasing rotation can help reduce the amount of underflip and eliminate the entire underflip.

Narrow stance with driver for better rotation

Since switching from wider positions this helped improve rotation both back and backswing. I’ve had fewer stress and freedom in the swing. My productivity has risen significantly. I’ve also improved ball strikes as well as ball’s speed.

Like many amateur golfers I often had trouble getting into the right position. Often, I’m thinking I hit the right play and then the ball hits it and then the snow drops into the sky. Many golfers will quickly look for a loft at their driving range thinking there may be more loft.

How far apart should my feet be in my golf swing?

After knowing what benefits are available to narrow stances some people are thinking about the narrowest stance for golf. The best width can be guessed easily with swing. Most of the time when the feet are at shoulder-width apart they are well placed to rest comfortably. Based on your physical ability and height, your stance may vary. A very good way to determine what height is appropriate on the ground is by trying it on the driving range. Try marking grass with a width of shoulder. Identify something more narrow.

How wide should your golf stance be with a driver?

There’s no specific answer about how wide your driving position is. The right swing will vary according to your swing tendencies and your body’s limits. Take your stances to the test and see which will suit you. It might help to turn more narrow stances in some situations.

However, wide positions can help your balance. Most club golf stances are too wide for their flexibility. Try the driver stance in which your heel can either be underneath your shoulders or just underneath the shoulders as an initial start.

Characteristics Of A Wide Golf Stance

The wide golf position is generally described as the position of your feet if your shoulders are wide. With a large leg the swing will have a much stronger feel causing the swing speed to be reduced. Generally, the wider stance gives players more arc and increases the speed of their clubsheads.

So when golf players like Bryson Dechambeau are teeing for big shots, their legs are quite apart. Some disadvantages of a wide golf position should also be noted as are its advantages as well as positive.

Is narrow vs wide stance better?

The narrower and wider view has the advantages. I’m really hard on saying the two are superior. There’s no single decision about whether a wide stance is more effective for a specific player. It will therefore be determined by individual skill levels of players. The broad angle will give you speed in your distance. In order that they can control and stay consistent, narrow positions can win. When you play your long game you often prefer wide and short positions in a shorter game.

Is there a narrow or wide stairway for seniors?

As a senior golfer, some people find it harder getting their bodies moving. Almost all senior golfers suffer a mobility deficit while playing golf. That’s completely understandable but unfortunately the territory has grown old. Golfers can improve their play with shorter stances.

A narrow position allows easy weight changes and an extended full-length return to the swinging position. Senior golfers can start with short irons but will then try the hybrids and woods.

Can a narrow or wide stance fix a slice or hook?

If you slice a ball, you’re able to move it too fast and you don’t move it as quickly. You can start by narrowing your stance, it helps a lot. Similar is true of an open posture and hooks. If you hold a tight angle, your swing is smaller and thus the ball wraps around your body faster and easier.

Sometimes your arms will move slightly forward of themselves to make the ball go to the right. The posture can help determine whether your ball will go straight.

Narrow stance for placing

A narrower putting position is helpful to most golfers at normal times. Even though it may be best to maintain an upright lower body, it is possible that some movements can help. A narrower position in the putt can aid in the free stroke, particularly on long shots. A large stance might be an issue in putting strokes. Try a narrow position when putting. It can help with feeling your swings and helps to make a good strike.

Tell me the width of your swing and why it is important

Most golfing people think your stance should stand shoulder wide apart. When you have your shoulders wide apart, your hands will provide an amazing combination of flexibility and stabilisation. Since golf has never really been easy to play, the stance height may change depending on the clubs that you hold. You’ll be required to hold more stance when you hit the driver.

What happens if your Stance Is Too Wide?

When you are on a long swing you’ll probably see some of your shots aiming higher than you want to. These kinds of shots occur if your weight is transferred onto your backfoot and stays here without the possibility to move it. The long position in the golf ball results in players hitting balls with disproportionately heavy body fat.

Who Should Use A Wide Golf Stance?

Players who need a powerful weapon should benefit greatly from wide stance. The stance can generate considerable power. This should be considered when you hit from a Teebox.

Players who change from stances to stances can move a lot from back to front foot. Using such a posture can cause the slice to get worse if the player struggles in the game.

Does Swing Speed affect the width of your stance?

When you swing quicker you hold an easier golfing position. The speed helps to move your weight through the ball to achieve what you want. Swing speed and standing distance have an important relationship, if not more. To be able to achieve maximum results in shooting you’ll need to experiment with various width options and see how they affect your shots.

What happens if your posture is too narrow?

When held too narrowly, a person can often hit the ball on the left. It’s because the feet are close together, so you can easily wrap the club to the back of your body. For an angler who rips the ball, the confined position can be very useful. Alternatively, if you hit a golf ball you should extend your stance.

Narrow Vs. Wide For Drivers

It would be better to have your legs broader than usual for driving. It is possible to use this more rigid design and wider shaft for faster play and the golf ball goes even further.

How will the width of your stature affect your game?

Your swing may affect your play. It also influences a player’s movement ability and speed. These things can affect your golf day. Having to keep feet secure is challenging.

Wide golf stance benefits

Generally, wider stances can help increase balance and more centrifugal rotations. Among the advantages of a wider golf position is:

Wide stance can reduce lateral movement

The broad position helps reduce lateral motion by keeping players focused. This helps improve the rotation at golf. Too many forward movements in the swing tend to cause poor rotation and hip movement in the swing.

A wider stance may help prevent such large weight shifting by making movement harder. Not only are lateral moves very dangerous for rotation and it also makes ball strikes very difficult. If you are making large moves off the ball at the backside, you must make big moves down the side.

How wide should your golf stance be?

There is no single solution for golf. It’s just that we’re all following some basic rules.


This list of advantages of a wider posture should hopefully help you understand the benefits of having wider stances. Whether you lose club head speed and can no longer finish your shot, your stance may cause an uneven shot.

Check that the position of your position is influenced also by the club you hold. Your driving posture will be different than your swinging sand wedge. This guide can help you prepare for a much better golfing day.

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