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Left-handed Toddler Golf Clubs: Top 4 With Pros & Cons

Are you looking for left-handed toddler golf clubs? Left-handed golf clubs are of the same price as right-handed golf clubs.

Here are some of the best golf clubs for left-handers that are the best left handed junior golf clubs 9-12 and other age teens.

I- Left Handed Fingerprints Junior Golf Club (Multiple Sizes)

Having three sizes accessible depending on your favourite junior golfer’s height, the Left-Handed Fingerprints Junior Golf Clubs are indeed the ideal the first team to educate golfing lessons for left-handed children. 

The pitching wedge does have a professional’s appearance and feel grade as well as with a modest perimeter-weighted adult club scoring system construction that will assist beginning golfers to make regular contact,the ball of golf should be raised, and establish a passion for the game quickly. Without the use of a bulky molded training grip, the revolutionary Golf Grip Fingerprints delivers easy-to-use, intuitive llow instruction to the right golf grip. 

It will be easier for them to transition with their the initial a golf club set as both a result of this. Ideal left handed junior golf clubs age 6-8.


Golf Club Loft 46 Degrees
Size F38 Club for Kids 38″-45″ Tall (~Age 4-7)
Package Weight 0.7 Pounds
Hand Orientation Left
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H ‎27 x 4 x 1.5 inches


  • For kids, it’s well-made.
  • It’s ideal for the left-handed.
  • Fingerprints with a Patent Golf Grip give you easy-to-follow instructions to getting the right grip.
  • This is an excellent beginner club.
  • Good value for money.


  • At this age, a pitching wedge (one of the heaviest clubs in the bag) isn’t ideal.
  • There is no driver.

II- Powerbilt Junior Kids Golf Club Set

The Powerbilt Junior silver 8-piece golf set is designed for LH Boys between the ages of 9 and 12, 4’4 inches and 5′ in height. A 380cc high lofted driver is included in the package to promote higher tee-to-green launches. A 5-hybrid, 7-iron, wedge, PUTTER, two head coverings, and a compact carry bag are all included in the kit.


Item Weight 8 pounds
Hand Orientation Left
Grip Type Putter
Age range 9-12 years old
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H 40.79 x 10.31 x 8.11 inches


  • Excellent quality.
  • For a beginner golfer, this is a good option.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Lightweight and simple to use.
  • It’s ideal for children.


  • Used-Adult sand wedges
  • All of the clubs are scuffed up.
  • Doesn’t live up to the hype.
  • There is no fairway wood.
  • There is no wedge

III- Uooja Golf Putter

Ujooa presents left handed junior golf clubs 12-14 years olds. No matter whether males and females are right or left-handed, especially righties or lefties, putting the ball through holes with the golf putter is a breeze. The golf set has a double and may be used by men who are right-handed and left-handed, i.e. righties and lefty golfers, in such a classic setting without having to change putters every time they putt.

It’s robust, practical, and functional for playing a simple golf game, with good height and ease of hitting and passing the ball thanks to a lighter, more flexible shaft, as well as a high-speeded putter head, making it ideal for golf beginners, ladies, youth, and children aged 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12.


Material Aluminum
Size 35
Golf Club Loft 7.5 Degrees
Grip Type Leather
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H 11.93 x 2.52 x 2.2 inches


  • There is a 45-day money-back guarantee.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Excellent quality.
  • golf putter with two ways.
  • Perfect left handed junior golf clubs 5-8 age kids.


  • have to screw all of the pieces together since they loosen after a while.
  • It’s better for children than for adults.
  • Isn’t up to par with a quality putter

IV-Golf Putter Mini G Putters Men’s Right/Left Handed

To perfectly eliminate bend difficulties from stainless steel Kids putters, golf putters employ a superior Aluminum alloy shaft with waterproof vacuum coating. Kids and junior golfers require putters that are high-performing, well-balanced, lightweight, and easy to putt.

Golfers, both right and left-handed, may putt with the same putter. It can assist in the proper training of the still and the practice of posture. It provides a basic golf game with adequate height and ease of hitting and passing the ball thanks to a lighter and much more flexible shaft, and even a high-speeded putting head, making it ideal for golf novices, ladies, youth, and children aged 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12.


Shaft Material Alloy Steel
Size Medium
Item Weight 300 grams
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H 11.89 x 2.32 x 2.2 inches
Grip Type Training, Putter


  • good left handed toddler golf clubs age 3-5
  • Better than used left handed junior golf clubs.


  • It’s a poor design.
  • It’s easy to break.
  • This isn’t a good deal.

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