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How much rain is too much for golf: All statistics & loctaions

The most common reasons for a golf course to close due to rain are whether or not playing on it will cause damage. If there is standing water on the greens, they will most likely be closed. The course would stay open if the fairways are wet and have standing water in isolated areas, but carts will be banned “cart path only.”.

How much rain is too much for golf in Hilly course

In addition, there is a very hilly course in my region with sandy soil, kikuya grass, and very sloping, undulating greens that I am sure never closes due to rain. So it depends.

How much rain is too much for golf in the UK

I play in overcast weather most of the time, so I’m used to it.

I’ll play in any condition. A day or two after a lot of rain, there were practically lakes guarding every green on the course. My ball will sink, but I’ll pick it up and keep going. In addition to playing in snow, I’ve also played in springtime snow.

There are so many factors to consider – there is no right or wrong answer. Some courses may require several inches of growth, while others might only need 1/2 and inch. Is the club private public exclusive a dog track in the mountains at sea level is the ground dry is it already saturated how is the drainage etc.

How much rain is too much for golf in Oklahoma

Soft courses are unusual in Oklahoma since the state is so windy. Rain has never been an issue for me, but our strong wind does!

How much rain is too much for golf: It depends!

That is determined on the course. If an inch of rain fell in a short time period and play had to stop, that’s what would happen at the club where I frequently participate when it rains. If enough rain falls to wet fairways and cause soft ground or big puddles, the turf is extremely fragile to damage. The Golf Course Superintendent

It is determined on what I am doing. If it appears that it will begin to rain before I can get to my car, I’ll go in if I’m at my home course or just playing about on a Tuesday afternoon.


I don’t get to play as often as I would like, so long as the course allows folks to go out, I’m golfing. Just put on my rain jacket and hit the greens.

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