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Golf elitist

Elitist sport

Golf is, in the modern era, considered an elitist sport due to its large price tag that few can afford. However, many golfers come from various backgrounds, and there are several ways to play for free or at a reduced cost.

Is golf elitist? No. Is it exclusive? It was previously, and that term has persisted throughout time. And certain limitations make golf appear elitist or unattainable. However, it is not really elitist. When golf was part of private enclaves, it appeared to be only for the privileged, with Joes being

Even simply describing a golf club as “posh” is an accurate assessment. For many people, this is how golf is perceived. Others mentioned fox hunting and polo are regarded in the same way. Croquet, tennis, crew, and field hockey are some of the other activities available at private clubs.

The two most popular forms of this game are  the individual and team versions. The individual version is played by one person, while the team version is played by two or more people. It can be played on a golf course or in a specially designed area with obstacles. Golfers use clubs to hit balls into a series of holes in as few strokes as possible.

The individual game is the most common version. During this game, two or more people play in teams of one, competing to earn points based on their performance in completing the course. To begin playing, each player uses a tee to place their ball at the starting point of the course. Once they are ready,  the players use clubs to hit  the balls towards the holes. The ball must be hit from the teeing ground into the hole using a number of strokes predetermined by each group. The player who gets their ball into all of the holes in as few shots as possible is the winner. They receive a higher score for making their balls in fewer strokes.

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