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Golf club vs baseball bat: Comparison table

There was a heated debate at my job today about which golf ball would go the furthest: a baseball bat or a golf club. Is it mass x velocity = force… in the end of argument… or is there more to it? I believe we’ll need to transport an aluminum bat and some golf balls to a driving range to determine this once.

The golf club was designed to be gentle, minimizing contact with the body. The baseball bat is much more likely to deliver an impactful hit when landing on a person’s head or shoulders because it has weight behind its swing (that means power). If you’re looking for accuracy in hitting your target then I would recommend using this type of weapon over something like tennis racquet since those tend not only have less force but are also slower at delivering hits than their counterparts used solely as clubs.

The golf club has a major weakness if it comes to fighting … its shaft. The vulnerable and brittle nature of the metal makes this part susceptible without warning as soon as you hit anything with your swing – even just lightly brushing against something could cause an accidently snap! It’s engineered so that all weight is focused in handle/head area, but when side force lands on wrong direction then inevitably break occurs which leads me into my next point: baseball bat better than nothing right?

The difference between a one-ton car and ten thousand ton ship is not as significant. In fact, you would expect the latter to move much less than its weight due to momentum alone even when hit by something at 20 mph!

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