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e-golf battery replacement

It is entirely dependent on your viewpoint. nNothingness: The battery has an eight-year warranty (or 160,000 kilometers, whichever comes first) from VW. Because the vehicle was introduced in 2018, it’s likely that when you need to replace an e-golf battery that isn’t working until 2026, it is covered by warranty.

I own a 2015 e-Golf and, as I have set the battery charge program to charge to only 85% capacity, I have not seen any decrease in driving range since it was new. When it’s time to replace the battery, I anticipate that the replacement will be more expensive than the vehicle is worth.

12,000 Euro: That’s what I’ve heard about the official replacement price, which is done with an original battery and carried out by a legitimate VW dealer.

VW e-Golf Battery Replacement Cost

The cost of a replacement battery for a 2017 to 2018 VW e-Golf is said to be $23,442.91 by Pignataro VW in August 2021. Given that the 2017 e-golf battery pack has 35.8 kWh, the cost per kilowatt hour is $654, which is about 477 percent more.

The cost was a few thousand Euros. The battery’s minimum life expectancy is defined as 1,500 charging cycles by VW. If we consider a range of 200 kilometers per charge, the battery will survive 300,000 kilometers. If we make an optimistic estimate between the factory warranty and the minimal lifespan expectation, we can be confident that the battery will survive,

The cost of a car under warranty is meaningless. The e-Golf has a capacity warranty, not just flaws. Before labor and installation, the Nissan price is what they will really charge you in terms of out-of-warranty repairs; however, before core charge credit and after core charge discount, it’s what they’ll actually charge.

Is it true that a Nissan Leaf replacement battery pack costs $5500 for an R&R? If anyone has more information on this, I’d appreciate hearing about it… It’s just stupid to spend $17,000 keeping it running.

If, for example, a luxury automobile with this kind of engine has a major failure (such as an exploded engine or a wrecked gearbox), the owner will not be able to sell the vehicle at any price because the repair costs would most likely exceed its current value. So you’d either put it in the scrap yard for a few dollars or seek.

If you want your washing machine fixed, it’s also possible that the part will be replaced by a firm specializing in appliances like this. On the electric vehicle market, I believe the same will happen. There will be a specialization in used batteries, possibly taken from automobiles that were totaled in an accident.

Nissan’s answer to the complaints (and class action lawsuit) from early adopters who discovered their battery packs degrading quickly in hot weather is to offer a new LEAF battery pack for $5500. It’s no secret that Nissan is selling these at a loss.

It’s possible that there will be specialists who can help you rebuild classic e-car batteries. I have a Toyota Hybrid. The replacement of the battery on this vehicle costs around 2,500 Euros if you obtain the genuine, new spare part from Toyota and have it done by a Toyota dealer. On the other hand, there are frequently used Toyota batteries.

Have you priced out the cost of a Tesla battery? I’m sure the individuals who are leasing these e-Golfs for three years don’t mind if the battery is maintained or treated well, because when the reduced battery life begins to impact on the car’s driving range, it will be parked outside their garage or driveway.

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