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Driving iron headcover

Do driving irons have headcovers?

Headcovers are not required and many amateur golfing professionals just cover their driver, fairway wood, hybrid club and putter. There are even special covers and different styles for every golf club.

What are iron covers in golf?

Golf Iron Cover is excellent for protecting your irons from damage if stored in your suitcase. Each cover helps prevent your irons from colliding and can protect against scratches. Iron covers don’t require anything but add additional protection to your golf clubs for relatively low prices.

Does the SIM Udi come with a headcover?

TaylorMade SIMDHy and UTI Utility Irons increase your playing ability without the need for headcovers. The truth is: Three irons won’t work! … A classic utility-iron design has a thinner surface and a slimmer sole for better workingability.

Why do golfers make fun of iron covers?

Golfers are generally mocked by people who use iron club covers for golf as it does not feel good. With the cost of the club you spend now, it costs an awful bit of money and you cover it with ugly iron covers for just £55.

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