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Callaway diablo tour golf balls discontinued

Is there a problem with Callaway golf balls?

Callaway’s golf balls have consistently been found to contain inconsistent mixing and significantly off-center cores, as part of our #FindItCutIt initiatives. The issues we discovered dated back several generations. … “Callaway makes excellent drivers, but they’re poseurs in the golf ball category,” said one industry insider as things were going up in flames.

The Diablo Tour golf ball is an excellent value for money option if you’re searching for a long-lasting investment. This golf ball isn’t a current Callaway model, having been discontinued. However, it has withstood the test of time and is a favorite among fans.

The Diablo Tour was discontinued in 2016, and the current model of this golf ball is still available for purchase.

The Supersoft is a current Callaway golf ball with all of the latest Callaway technology. The Diablo Tour golf ball has been discontinued, and it hasn’t been updated with the newest Callaway technology. If you’re a slow-swinging player who wants to improve your game while maintaining feel, the Supersoft with its ultra-low.

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