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5 Best Golf Grip For Big Hands With 19 Tips & Facts

5 Common Grips in Golf with Pros and Cons 

Golf is an individual sport. You can practice your swing all you want, but if you don’t hit the ball well enough, you won’t score well. Golf is not about hitting the ball straight every time, nor is it about getting the longest drive possible. Golf is about making shots that fit the situation at hand. If you miss a short putt, you try again. If you miss a long putt, you might just walk away.

Golf clubs are an essential tool for golfers. There are many different types of club heads, shafts, grips, and other accessories available for purchase. Even though there are many options, there is still no clear consensus on what is the best type of club head, shaft, grip, etc. Some of the best players in history have used completely different equipment than others.

How Do the TenFinger Grip

  1. For right-handed golfers, the left hand (the leading hand) is above the ball, while the right hand (the trailing hand) is below the ball. The club face should be perpendicular to the ground when the player swings. The club head should start at the bottom of the backswing and end at the top of the forward swing. When the club hits the ball, it should move straight down the fairway.
  2. You need to keep your eyes focused on the ball at all times. If you’re looking down at your hands, you’ll miss the shot. You also need to keep your shoulders square to the target line. Your body will naturally follow the path of least resistance. So if you lean forward, your arms will swing forward and your wrists will bend. When you swing back, your hips will rotate and your knees will bend.

Best Golf Grips For Big Hands in

Golfers with larger hands should choose grips that are sized appropriately for them. If you have smaller hands, you may need to try out grips that are slightly oversized. Oversized grips are designed to give you the extra room you need to get a solid hold on the club.

You might also try putting on a glove if you feel like you’re not getting enough grip on the club. Gloves help because they provide an additional layer of protection for your hands.

As a golfer myself, I’ve noticed a few different types of grips that help me hit straighter shots. For big hands, here are my top picks.

Golf Grip Guide: Best golf grips for big hands.

1. Best Golf Grips for Big Hands Golf Pride Tour WRAP G Jumbo Grips


Tacky feel. Jumbos are large enough for bigger hands. Wrap design provides better grip control. Durable rubber construction.


Wet conditions may cause grips to slip. Not all grips are made equal. Some grips are designed for specific types of clubs. If you play with different sets of equipment, your grip preference may change.


The Tour Wrap 2G is made of a synthetic rubber compound that provides a soft and tacky feeling while also providing great durability. This allows players to get a solid hold on their golf clubs without having any problems holding onto them. It is a single piece grip that simulates a wrapped grip.

People with larger hands tend to be stronger, and those with smaller hands tend to be weaker. A player with a strong grip will be able to hold onto the ball longer, and will be less likely to drop it.

2. Runner Up Lamkin Crossline Jumbo Golf Grips


A great all around grip. Great feel when gripping. Consistent tack. Good for beginners. Can be used for any type of club.


Not very durable. If not cleaned regularly will lose tack.


Lamkin is a company that specializes in golf equipment. Their Crossline line of clubs is designed for players with larger hands. The Crossline line of clubs tend to be a perfect fit because of the unique pattern on the grips. This pattern helps golfers have better traction and less stress on the grip.

The lower you can keep your hands on the golf club, the easier it will be for you to maintain a consistent swing speed. With the Lamkin Golf Club Trainer, you will find that even if your swing speed is low, you will still be able to maintain a consistent grip pressure.

Lamkins are a type of grip tape made out of polyurethane. They are designed to stay sticky even after rain, snow, sleet, hail, and other extreme weather conditions. Lamkins are available in different colors and patterns.

3. Runner Up Winn DriTac Oversize Golf Grips


Great feel. Available in many colors. Holds up well. Consistent quality. Can be found in various sizes.


Not as durable as other options.


The Winn Grip is one of the best grips available today. It is soft, tacky and still allows the player with a larger hand size to have a better grip on the club. Even if the grip gets a little damp, it will still be relatively easy to keep your grip on the club.

Winn Grips were designed to provide players with a comfortable and durable grip. Over time, the grips would wear down and become less effective. The company wanted to create a product that would last longer and allow players to continue playing even when wearing gloves.

The grips today are made of a special polymer that doesn’t degrade over time. Players can choose from several different colors, including black, red, blue, green, yellow, orange, white, pink, purple, brown, gray, silver, and gold.

4. Champkey STP Comfortable Golf Grips


Low cost

Works with any kind of grip.

It’s simple to use a golf club.

Ideal for individuals who want to re-grip their own clubs.


It won’t hold up as long as Golf Pride or Winn


There are more expensive golf grips on the market, but Champkey STP Comfortable Golf Grips are a better deal overall. There are a multitude of grip sizes and colors to choose from with these grips, and they have a comparable feel to Winn Dri Tac grips.

STP Technology is used to make the outer layer. Polyurethane with a soft grip. Playing with your hands on the club is easier with the aid of this substance.

5. Golf Pride Set Of 13 MCC Multi-Compound Plus 4


Superb quality of building

Requires less force to hold onto

Grip with a large outside diameter

The breadth of the left and right hands is equal


Higher pricing than other grips


As a consequence, the right hand of a right-handed golfer struggles to maintain control of the club.

The multi-material composition of these grips is an added bonus. If you’re looking for a grip that’s half cable and half rubber compound, this is it.

19 Facts & Tips For Best Golf Grips for Dry Hands

  1. Dry skin is a common problem for golf players. Your surroundings play a big role in causing dry hands, but there are other factors that can cause them too.
  2. Genetics, medications, dehydration, and hand wash chemicals all can contribute to dry hands.
  3. To help prevent dry hands, you can try to avoid using harsh hand wash products and instead use milder ones. You can also try to keep your hands clean and moisturize them regularly.
  4. If your skin feels tight and dry, apply a good quality moisturizer to help keep your skin supple and soft. Moisturizers should be applied after cleansing and before applying any other products.
  5. Use a moisturizer that contains ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin E and glycerin.
  6. These ingredients will help hydrate your skin and prevent further damage. Avoid using creams that contain alcohol because it dries out your skin.
  7. It’s important to remember that you’re not alone in dealing with dry skin. Many people experience dry skin during times of high stress, including when you’re stressed out about your job, family, finances, health, etc.
  8. Your body releases extra cortisol when you feel overwhelmed. Cortisol is a hormone that causes your blood vessels to constrict, thereby reducing blood flow to your skin.
  9. When your blood supply to your skin decreases, your skin becomes drier and less elastic. That means you’ll have fewer natural oils to moisturize your skin. You also might notice that your skin feels tight and uncomfortable.
  10. Wash your hands often when you’re working around water. This will prevent any bacteria from getting onto your hands.
  11. If you have an allergy to latex, then you should wear rubber gloves while doing laundry.
  12. Use gloves when you wash dishes, clean your bathroom, or handle other items that may contain harmful germs.
  13. Wear gloves when gardening because you’ll need to touch plants and soil.
  14. You should also consider your own personal preferences. If you prefer a wetter grip, then you might like to try using a towel instead of a glove.
  15. You could even try wearing gloves while playing golf. But remember, what works for someone else with dry hands may not necessarily work for you.
  16. There are many different types of golf grips available in the market. Some are made out of leather, others are made out of rubber, and yet others are made out of synthetic materials.
  17. You should choose the type of grip according to your personal preference. If you prefer a soft feel, then go for the leather ones. If you prefer a firm feel, then go for rubber ones. And if you prefer a combination of both, then go for the synthetic ones.
  18. If you need a good grip during the summer months, then you should consider using the solution called Dry Hands. This product has a water repellant property. This means that it will keep rain and perspiration away from your hands so that you won’t encounter gripping issues due to moisture.
  19. The dry hands solution is ideal for hot and humid climates. In my experience, the solution didn’t leave a white powdery residue on my fingers nor did it cause any kind of oily or sticky feeling.

 Final Words

Golf is played indoors because of the weather. But there are many different types of golf games available. Some of them are designed for specific purposes, while others are just meant to entertain players.

There are also different types of equipment that can be used. Each type has its own benefits and drawbacks. For example, a putter can be very useful when putting, but not so great at chipping. A driver is best for hitting long drives, but not so great for short shots.

And a wedge is best for getting close to the hole, but not so great if you need to hit a high shot. So, what are the differences among the various types of grips? Let’s start with the most basic grip.


Is It A Good Idea To Use An Extra-Large Putter Grip?

No matter how big or little your hands are, the giant putter grip is a popular option among golfers. Oversized putter grips help golfers to minimize wrist motion.

The bigger putter grips will benefit many golfers who prefer to flop their hands at the ball instead of maintaining them in control.

My Golf Grips Are Too Big. Now What?

This may have an undesirable effect on your swing performance by using golf grips that are too large for the hands of the golfer Golf grips that are too big for your hands will have an adverse effect on your swing, trajectory, and ball flight.

Is the size of my golf grips an issue?

Golfers with tiny hands might benefit from using small golf grips. This isn’t always the case, of course. Keep in mind that the manufacturer’s promise of a modest grip may not be true for you.

Using Small Golf Grips Has Advantages?

Small grips have some drawbacks, but they may also be beneficial if used correctly. Some golfers have discovered that tiny grips may produce excellent strokes.

With them, some golfers are able to consistently play well. These grips may also be useful in providing the optimum impact and follow-through.

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