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6 Best private golf courses in San Francisco + Bonus

If you’re looking for a challenging round of golf, San Francisco is definitely the place to be. With its hilly terrain and amazing views, the city offers some of the best private golf courses in the country. Here are six of the best:

1. The Olympic Club

This club is one of the most prestigious in the country. It’s been home to many U.S. Open and PGA championships, and it has hosted the best players in the world since 1888.

2. San Francisco Golf Club

This club is a little more friendly, especially for beginners or those seeking a quieter pace of play. The course was designed by architect Jack Neville and opened in 1924.

3. Presidio Golf Course

This course is located in the Presidio of San Francisco, a national park overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s definitely one of the most picturesque courses in the area.

4. The Meadow Club

This club is known for its lush, green fairways and challenging holes. It’s definitely a must-play for any serious golfer.

5. Lincoln Park Golf Course

This public course is located in the heart of the city and offers stunning views of downtown San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge.

6. Sharp Park Golf Course

This is another public course that’s enjoyed by novice and experienced players alike. It’s also home to the best par 3 in any city.

The best private golf courses in San Francisco are, without a doubt, Olympic Club, San Francisco Golf Club, Presidio Golf Course, Meadow Club, Lincoln Park Golf Course and Sharp Park Golf Course.

Bonus: how to select the best golf course

  • Routing.
  • Design.
  • Reasonable Challenge.
  • Variety of Holes.
  • Ability to Shot.
  • Flexible Schedules.

Every golfer at some point or another has played one bad round of golf, but how to select the best golf course can help avoid this. It is best to ask around and get recommendations for courses that are good in your area, but if you’re looking to try something new how to select the best golf course can make your next game much more enjoyable.

There are a few things to take into account when looking for a new golf course. First, how is the course ranked? Is it one of the top courses in your state or region? Second, how does the course lay out? Are there any blind shots or water hazards that could cause you problems? Third, how busy is the course? A busy golf course can mean long waits between holes and frustration for all involved.

If you can’t find a good course locally, how to select the best golf course might include looking online. There are many websites that rank golf courses, both amateur and professional reviews can be helpful in making your decision.

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