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Are ping eye 2 irons still good?

Are Ping Eye 2 irons still playable?

The Ping Eye2 Irons have been extremely popular since their introduction in the mid 1980s. They are the original, and remain one of the best cast, perimeter weighted cavity back irons on the market today.

When did they stop making Ping Eye 2?

Eye 2 dots. Eyes. Similar to squaregroove models with larger diameters due to the agreement between ping and USGA in the area about grooves. The raised dots are identified at the eye cavity. Originally manufactured in spring 1990.

What year were Ping Eye 2 irons?

Ping Eye 2 – released in 1983.

Are Ping clubs still good?

I think this is an old answer. PING’s G710 iron is among the toughest irons on the market. The iron improves the gameplay. It has an enormous clubhead with extremely strong perimeter weights and hollow designs which makes it the best forgiving iron.

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